Victorian Taxidermy- Rare Pallas’s Sand Grouse by Rowland Ward of London. Dated 1888

£ 1450

Pallas’s Sandgrouse(Syrrhaptes paradoxus) has one of the strangest histories of any British bird; several hundred individuals arrived in 1888, but it has since been an extremely rare visitor.
The pair of birds that we have for sale here are male and female adults which were sent to the famous London taxidermists Rowland Ward of Piccadilly, stuffed and mounted under a glass dome sitting on an ebonised base, their trade label (with the “Jungle” trade mark) is pasted to the underside, along with a data label giving the exact date collected as “22 6 88” a date so entwined in these remarkable birds visit to the shores of England.

46cm High x 44cm Wide.

Ref: 24461

For more information see “Queen of The Yellow Sands” by James Wright who covers the puzzling history of the Pallas’ sandgrouse in Britain. One of the great unsolved mysteries of ornithology.
The following is an extract “Even with the benefits to research of new technology, many of the mysteries of bird migration remain unsolved. Perhaps no species has proved more enigmatic than Pallas’ sandgrouse, a native of many parts of Africa and Asia, but so rare in Britain. Yet rewind to the Victorian era when in three or four remarkable years, notably 1888, so many sandgrouse flew to our shores. What prompted these extraordinary irruptions? No one knows”

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