Taxidermy-Victorian Wall mounted case with three stuffed birds, nest and & eggs by Rowland Ward & Co Piccadilly London

£ 2500

A fine circular wall mounted glazed case with, a Green Headed Tanager (South American) with nest and faux eggs, an Oriel (Indian) and a Mexican Waxwing.

A trade label for ‘Rowland Ward & Co… 166 Piccadilly London is to be found internally (dating the case to Circa 1880) plus there is an additional Rowland Ward & Co trade label pasted to the reverse.
Note. The original eggs have been removed from this case to comply with legislation on the sale of birds eggs, and have been replaced with replica/ faux eggs (reproduced bye the highly regarded replica egg specialist Tony Ladd). A copy of the invoice from Tony Ladd for the replica eggs is attached to the back of the case.

38cm diameter

An extract from “A History of British Taxidermy” reads: Rowland Ward became and remained for many years the largest and most famous taxidermy firm in the world.

For more information see “A History of British Taxidermy” by C. Frost published 1987, plus “Rowland Ward Taxidermist to the World” by P. A Morris.

Ref: 23397

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