Taxidermy-Victorian wall dome with a South American Green Headed Tanager by James Gardner

£ 1200

Circa 1875.
The glass dome gilt edged & taped to a tin back. Unlabelled, but all typical of Gardner’s work.
26cm diameter.

Ref: 24462

This famous taxidermy firm ran for nearly 80 years, founded around 1844 by James Gardner, and was continued by his son, also James Gardner. The firm held Royal Warrants for Her Majesty Queen Victoria, The Royal Families of England and France plus many more notable clients. The firms place as one of the great British taxidermists is fully deserved.

For more information on this firm see
“A History of British Taxidermy” by C. Frost, published 1987
“A History of Taxidermy” by P Morris published 2011.

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