Taxidermy – Robin & Wren in wall dome Circa 1875

£ 850

An unusual upright ebonsied wall dome, with a beautifully executed painted back drop, the birds well modeled within a snow scene. Utterly charming and a good example of what the best of Victorian taxidermy can offer. With a trade label to verso for the noted and talented Brighton taxidermist ‘G. Swaysland Naturalist 4 Queens Rd Brighton’. Additionally in pencil is a part legible inscription reading “left of W…….. Room B…. ………”

An interesting point with this particular case is that Swaysland has carefully taped all the edges of the glass dome (inside and out) and has placed (rather than fixed) the glass dome safely in its rebate with just a cloth cord for decoration (no glue) allowing the glass dome to be carefully removed for cleaning (as we have done), this is unusual, and I have not seen another like it. The general practice is for the glass dome to be secured (in one way or another) so as to be completely sealed

George Swaysland (1814 -88) had many different addresses which makes his case easier to date, operating out of 4 Queens Rd between 1859- 82.
For more information see “A History of British Taxidermy” by C. Frost.

43.5 high x 33.5 wide x 18.5 cm deep.

Ref: 23409

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