Taxidermy-Horse hoof doorstop by Rowland Ward of London

£ 1000

Silver plated door stop, referred to as a door weight by Rowland Ward, with inscription “Fred died 19th June 1891” and inscribed Rowland Ward & Co limited 166 Piccadilly, plus additionally inscribed underside on the shoe Rowland Ward & Co Limited ‘the Jungle’ 166 Piccadilly.

59.5cm High.

Ref: 24499

For more information on this firm see “Rowland Ward taxidermist to the world” by P.A Morris, or “A History of British Taxidermy” by C.Frost, the following being two small extracts
“Rowland Ward was in the habit of claiming to have invented practically everything with which he was in any way connected. One such invention was what he called ‘Wardian Furniture’ this being the transformation of animals, or parts of animals, into useful or ornamental everyday articles, …… one of the Prince and Princess of Wales silver wedding presents in 1888 was a Crocodile mounted as a dumb waiter………. Horse’s hooves were particularly adaptable and in a choice of nearly a hundred different designs.”
The one we have for sale here being a very fine example, of the type I personally have not seen before, and also one of the earliest examples carrying “the Jungle” trade mark.
“Rowland Ward became and remained for many years the largest and most famous taxidermy firm in the world”