Taxidermy- Cabinet of Curiosity interest. Inner Whale bone ear by Rowland Ward Ltd London

£ 1250

A rare and unusual silver vesta holder and match striker made with the inner ear of a large whale! Possibly a Sperm Whale, mounted on a polished oak plinth with a leather covered underside embossed Rowland Ward Ltd 167 Piccadilly W1. With essay marks for London 1914.

Base diameter 13cm

Ref: 24475

Footnote: A cabinet of curiosities, also known as a wunderkammer or “kunstkammer,” A practice that began in the 13th century, a kunstkammer was a place for collectors to house miscellaneous trinkets, oddities, and museum-worthy specimens. A cabinet of curiosities was especially popular among collectors in the Victorian era to display trophies from travel and gifts from faraway lands, for items of wonder that enhanced academic and social conversation amongst one’s guests, as with the fine example we have for sale here.

An extract from “A History of British Taxidermy” reads: Rowland Ward became and remained for many years the largest and most famous taxidermy firm in the world.

For more information see “A History of British Taxidermy” by C. Frost published 1987, plus “Rowland Ward Taxidermist to the World” by P. A Morris.