Patented collapsible artist’s easel or display stand by Reeves & Sons Ltd. Circa 1900

£ 550

Embossed to the front with ‘Patent No 16986’ and stamped to verso ‘British made’ with an additional brass plaque for Reeves & Sons Ltd. Complete with removable drip tray, adjustable pegs and leather brass buckled strap for storage.

Reeves and Sons an English art materials brand was established by William Reeves (1739–1803). It is William Reeves who is credited in 1766 with the invention of the soluble water colour. The company later went on to invent and patent other artist wares including the collapsible easel, of which we have for sale here. The firm went through various name changes during its history, and was listed as Reeves and Sons Ltd from 1891, until it finally merged with Newton & Windsor.

177 cm high.

Ref: 23438