Horology- An 18th Century folding Pocket Sundial and Compass by David Beringer

£ 775

A portable or travel sundial and compass of German origin. Circa 1780. Fruit wood and paper, all in a remarkable state of preservation.
10.5 cm x 6.5cm.

Ref: 24525

David Beringer (1756 – 1821). A German scientific instrument maker and craftsman from Nuremberg. Admitted as a master craftsman in 1777. Famous for his cubic wooden sundials. His death in 1821, the result of an accident ended a talented and remarkable career.
Beringer’s travel sundials continued the tradition of wooden sundials covered with printed dials that already existed at the end of the 15th century. His block and folding sundials can be found in numerous museums including the “Metropolitan Museum of Art” in New York and the “Museum of the History of Science” in Oxford.