Early English coat of arms, Circa 1700. Complete with the “Grubbe Family” book

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With excellent provenance ‘having been rediscovered when the moat was cleaned out’ and complete with associated book “The Grubbe Family” its title page “Genealogical Memoranda relating to the Grubbe family” a privately printed book dated 1893, which mentions in detail, this early marble coat of arms we have for sale here, with clear illustrations and a description of it and its family association. The shield formerly in Horsendon Church” Buckinghamshire.

The following are two extracts are from this book:
In the previous year he had purchased the Horsendon estate from Sir John Denham the poet. The manor house, included in the purchase, had been garrisoned for the King in the Civil War, and seems to have received rough usage, as this John Grubb states in some Chancery Proceedings that it was ruinous, and he was obliged to rebuild it. Three cannon balls two iron and one of stone, have been found at different times in cleaning out the moats.
He died 16 June1700, and was buried with his wife Bashwell, in the Chancel of the Church at Horsendon, beneath a stone which is thus described by Brown Willis in his MS. Collection for the county of bucks (folio IV. Pages 65,66), now in the Bodleian library at Oxford: “Near the Altar is a large freestone, at the top of which is a white marble shield, thereon these arms: 1, Ermine on chief crenel three roses; 2, Two bends engrailed sable, a label for difference; 3, as; 4 as 1.
In 1766, the body of the Church was pulled down, and the Chancel converted into the Church. In the alterations made at that time, the freestone as described by Brown Willis, was broken up; but the shield and marble slabs with the inscriptions were preserved. The slabs with the inscription were affixed to the northern end of the east wall; the shield, which had one of the top corners broken off, was not refixed, but remained loose in the Church till after 1841. During some repairs which were made subsequent to that date it was thrown away with the rubbish, and in 1890 was found in a shrubbery at a little distance from the Church, having been apparently thrown out of a moat which had then recently been cleaned out. It is now in the possession of Mr. Grubbe of Southwold.

Mounted in a later oak display frame measuring 40cm square.
The condition of the book is poor with the binding loose, the marble itself is damaged and shows a repair to the top corner as mentioned in the book.

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Notes on Horsenden Manor:
Associated with important & influential figures, including John Morton 15thC, leading wealthy Religious/Statesperson & Political Advisor to Henry VII & the Donne Family. There are Strong Associations with the Civil War when the House was Garrisoned. In the 17thC the Manor passed to the Grubb Family. In 1841 the Duke of Buckingham Purchased Horsenden as part of a lot, including Princes Risborough & Abbots Risborough totaling 1240-acres. In 1848 (after the Bankruptcy of the Duke of Buckingham) the Rev William Edwards Partridge, Rector of Horsenden became the Owner, then It was inherited by Mrs Leonard Jacques in 1886 followed by a subsequent Owner, Mrs Gourlay, and is now owned by vocalist Jay Kay of pop group ‘Jamiroquai’ fame.