“Damp Bed Detector”. Circa 1880

£ 150

A 19th century curiosity, marketed to help travellers check that their hotel beds weren’t… well, damp.
A pocket hydrometer, moisture or ‘damp detector’ meter. Complete with its original Moroccan Burgundy leather case with hinged lid and blue silk lining, works perfectly with reset button to verso.
Apparently, these Victorian English instruments gained popularity during the latter part of the 19th century and where mostly devised for measuring how damp cloth and linens were when they were returned from laundries used by the wealthy due to the lack of home facilities, however this example we have for sale here is a little more unusual as it actually states “Damp bed detector”
Ideal for a cabinet of curiosities or for someone who has everything, or at least that’s what they thought.!
Approximately 5cm diameter including the case.

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