A large Art Nouveau cameo ‘Rose hip’ glass paste bowl by Daum, Nancy

£ 2400

Circa 1910

Height 11.5 x 21cm diameter

Glassware marked Daum Nancy is credited to Auguste and Antonin Daum. These brothers took over a glass factory owned by their father Jean Daum located in Nancy, France, during the 1870s. The Daum family created one of France’s most prominent glassworks. During the Universal Exhibition of 1900 Daum was awarded a ‘Grand Prix’ medal. The Daum brothers soon became a major force in the Art Nouveau movement, with a worldwide reputation.
Daum has always been linked with the city of Nancy. More than 600 glasswork items are in the Daum Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts (Nancy Musée des Beaux-Arts), which documents the history of glass manufacturing from the 1880s

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