18th Century Italian grand tour amber glass intaglio

£ 500

In the manner of Giovanni Bernardi di Castelbolognese. The Continence of Scipio; on right Scipio seated with sceptre in raised right hand commanding release of the wife of Allucius, dragged before him by six Roman soldiers; on left and right in background are two arches; inscribed

Cont – The contubernium latin for ‘tenting-together’ the smallest unit of soldiers in the Roman Army, composed of eight legionaries, and Asti – The Roman city

Scipi – Scipio Africanus a noted Roman general

4.7cm wide

Ref: 24498

Note: The original 16th Century Ingalio by: Giovanni Bernardi di Castelbolognese is in the British Museum. The subject being popular with engravers, and different versions of it exist on various gems. In the Hermitage at St. Petersburg there are two eighteenth century examples and another was sold in the Herz Collection (Catalogue, 1859, no. 2041).