18th Century Coat of Arms of Thomas Windham inscribed with the family history

£ 350

Complete with its antique ebonised glazed frame.
23.5cm x 19cm.

Ref: 23401

“Thomas Windham of Tale in Devonshire Esq one of the grooms of his Majesties bed chamber, third son of St Edmund Windham of Cathanger in Somersetshire X Marshal of his Majesties most Hon household and lineally descended of the ancient family of the Windhams of Crown Thorp in the county of Norfolk.”

In addition and pasted to verso (probably sometime later) is an interesting handwritten document detailing the remarkable history of the Windham family.
Roughly transcribed:
“Thomas Windhams of Tale in Devonshire was 3rd son of Sir Edmund Windhaus of Kentsford & Cathanger in Somerset Knight Marshal & Groom of the Chamber to Charles I. His lady an opulent Heiress & celebrated beauty was Wet Nurse to the Prince of Wales. Often cruelty Renounce how Sir Edmund and his brother Francis of Trent with 3 other Brothers all fell on the field of battle in the Royal Cause linking the Civil record. Sir Edmund is said to have taken the field co… 2 Regiments on Horse & 1 of Foot all raised at his own expense. After also making a free gift to Charles of £20,000 he raised £60,000 more on his own credit at the time of the King’s greatest need. His eldest son Edmund fell at Edgehill. His second son Hugh died in his father’s lifetime a mollified and heartbroken man to judge from his Epitaph* in St Decumanus. His only son Edmaund dying without issue, the estates came with the heralding of his uncle Thomas Windhams of Tale. Thomas seems to have followed in the foolish life of this father. He was twice ….. for his life by the Parliament and was also concerned with the Period… Rising. After the Restoration he was made Groom of the Chambers at a Pension of £200 a year but he never received it and died in great poverty 1710 aged 86. His son Edmund applied for the arrears of £6,000 but obtained no ledgers He married Penelope sister of Lord Melcomb & their son Thomas inherited a large fortune from his uncle which he bequeathed to Col. Nadham Wyndhaus 2nd son of Henry Wyndhams of Sal…..

* Epitaph in St Decumanus Church, Orchard Wyndhaus, Somerset.
Here lyeth the body of Sir Hugh Wyndhaus Kt who on Dec 20th July 1661
“Here lies beneath this logged alone, one more his prince than his own
“Child in his martyred fathers mass lost Fortune Blood gained though out …..
“And for his Sufferings no Record, had neither Countenance nor Regard
“But E… affording no Relief, He’s gone to Heaven to ease his Grief.

Sir Edmund and his sons Hugh & Thomas are buried in St Decumanus
See Collinson Somerset Parkins Norfolk & Boscobel Iiacto”