17th Century Classical oil Painting of a Nude Lady

£ 3000

Circle of Johann Carl Loth (1632 –1698) A German Baroque painter who spent most of his life in Venice, specialising in history paintings, his is subjects typically from classical mythology or the Old Testament.

Condition. The painting is executed in oil on a linen canvas support which has been lined. There is an area of raised paint in the sitter’s hair which appears to be caused by an impact from the reverse. The paint is raised in this area with retouching over the crack. The rest of the paint layer is in a stable condition. The varnish is dull with a layer of surface dirt. Some might say the painting would benefit from professional cleaning, but personally we love it exactly how it is “faded grandeur”. Possibly a remnant from a larger work.

Complete with its old frame
64.5 x 69cm including frame

Ref: 23405